11 November 2008

17994, Cpl George Brown, MM

George Leopold Brown, son of James and Amelia Brown, lived with his parents at 19 Newcomen Road, Leytonstone and enlisted in the West Ham Battalion becoming Private 17994 and sailing onboard SS Princess Victoria with the rest of the Battalion to France on 17th Nov 1915.

He won the Miltary Medal in the Hammers first trench raid at Souchez, 1st July 1916 and later was wounded in an attack at Waterlot Farm 8th August 1916 a few weeks after he had been at Delville Wood.

On recovery he was posted to the 9th Essex but was unfourtunately killed in an attack at Monchy le Prux during the fighting around Arras 17th July 1917.

He did all this as a 19 year old


details courtesy of his relative, 'Max Poilu' (m.poilu@tiscali.co.uk)

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Jean Barnes said...

George was my Great Uncle, my Grandmothers` young brother.
Thank you for what you have said about him, it makes me feel very proud , of this beautiful brave young man. I wish I could have known him.
Jean Barnes